I have joined Accel iQ because of its focus on STEM-based learning and preparing students for their future careers.

Anureet has a comprehensive educational background, completing a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, Master of Physics and Master of Education (Educational Leadership). Anureet has previously worked in India as an Associate Professor of Physics and secondary school teacher, teaching Physics, Chemistry and Maths. 

For the last three years, Anureet has tutored students in Physics, Chemistry, Maths Advanced, and Maths Extension, as well as being employed as a support teacher for the IB Maths curriculum.

Beyond a great knowledge of the Maths, Chemistry and Physics curriculums, Anureet is adept in the JAVA programming language, has completed a research project on superconductors, participates in national and international Physics and Chemistry conferences and has spent time volunteering with Science societies in India.

When not working, Anureet enjoys hiking on holidays.


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