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Accel iQ’s ambition is not only tutoring to ensure that students get the ATAR they need to enter their chosen university and degree; it is to inspire and support students on their journey towards university. We are more than just an on-campus and online tutoring service.

We help students to discover which kind of STEM career will suit them through personalised Maths tuition, Chemistry tuition and Physics tuition. We then provide on-campus and online support to them to choose and be accepted into the right course.

There are many online tutoring services, but only Accel iQ takes students through HSC and looks beyond to STEM careers.

Online and on-campus tutoring

We have both on-campus and online tutors, affording students choice and flexibility in their learning. Our tutoring service is fully equipped with in-person and online tutors, and provides tailored tutoring to any student’s needs. Our Physics tuition, maths tuition and Chemistry tuition is designed to keep high school students engaged both online or on-campus with a combination of live discussions, polls and quizzes. Our facility is located at 1049 Victoria Road, West Ryde, NSW.

Our HSC and high school tutors understand that students have different requirements in their learning. Whether you choose an on-campus or online tutor, we offer the same quality of education, with an engaging tutoring service.


Accel iQ is more than just an online tutoring service. Our on-campus and online tutors aim to instil students with a greater sense of direction and understanding of STEM careers. Beyond the benefits of a tutoring service, we intend to show students a pathway to university and beyond. Our on-campus and online tutors are passionate advocates for STEM careers and will help guide students onto tertiary study.

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  • Our on-campus and online tutoring service provides Maths tuition, Physics tuition and Chemistry tuition to ensure confidence and exam readiness at school.

  • Get better prepared for the HSC with our on-campus and online tutoring service, covering HSC Maths tuition, Physics tuition and Chemistry tuition.

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All of our tutors are carefully hand-picked for their teaching experience and ability to get results. Our tutors inspire with innovative teaching methods and their ability to explain concepts clearly. They also have empathy to better understand what drives behaviour and find strategies to help.

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