Year 12 Extension 1 Maths

Get a solid knowledge of the Extension 1 Maths syllabus and develop better competence in rigorous Mathematical models and arguments.

Extention 1 Maths Tuition for High School Students - Accel iQ


The Year 12 Extension 1 Maths tuition course helps students develop an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the HSC Extension 1 Maths syllabus. Offering Extension 1 Maths tuition online and on-campus allows Year 12 Maths students the opportunity to be better prepared and more confident for HSC assessments.

Our exceptional high school Maths tutors and teaching staff help students develop better problem-solving techniques and a thorough knowledge of the Extension 1 Maths syllabus. Our Maths tuition course provides students with Maths help online or on-campus, giving them the opportunity to develop ways of thinking in which problems are explored through observation, reflection, and reasoning.

Our Maths tuition online and on-campus ensures all our students can solve the most challenging questions in Extension 1 Maths assessments and exams. Our tutoring for Math provides students with techniques that will assist them through the challenges of Year 12 Maths and help prepare them for university study.

Experienced teachers and high school Maths tutors

We partner with experts in education, technology and industry to ensure we stay at the leading edge of educational thinking, and provide more than just Maths help online.

Our HSC Extension 1 Maths course is designed by teachers who have extensive experience tutoring for Math at HSC level, and a thorough understanding of the current HSC Year 12 Maths syllabus.  Our tutors have vast classroom teaching experience and/or university teaching experience with an ability to explain concepts clearly. Our tutors are also well-equipped to provide Maths help online, ensuring remote-learning students get the same level of engaging assistance as those on-campus.

All our teaching staff have undergone a Working with Children Check (WWCC).

Online and on-campus learning

We offer tutoring for Math both online and on-campus, affording students flexibility in their learning. Our high school Maths tutors are fully equipped for flexible learning, and provide the same level of engaging Maths tuition online and on-campus. Our tutors provide engaging Maths help online with a combination of live discussions, polls and quizzes.

Whether you choose remote or face-to-face Maths tuition, we offer the same level of advanced preparation for HSC Extension 1 Maths, provided by our experienced high school Maths tutors.

Lesson Plan

  • 55 mins

    Content summary and worked examples with solutions.

  • 5 mins


  • 50 mins

    Content and skills application and iteration.

  • 10 mins

    Review Quiz and Exit Ticket.

Course Structure

  • Oct-Dec
    Term 1
  • Jan-April
    Term 2
  • April-June
    Term 3
  • July-Sept
    Term 4

Week 1 Induction (sums)

Week 2 Induction (division)

Week 3 Induction – Summary and Review Test

Week 4 Vectors (introduction)

Week 5 Vectors (direction, component form)

Week 6 Vectors (dot product, projections)

Week 7 Vectors (forces)

Week 8 Vectors (projectile motion)

Week 9 Vectors (geometry and vector proofs)

Week 10 Vectors – Summary and Review Test


Week 1 Trigonometric equations (auxiliary method and graphing)

Week 2 Trigonometric equations (compound angle formulas, double angle)

Week 3 Trigonometric equations (quadratic and t formulae)

Week 4 Trigonometric Equations – Summary and Review Test

Week 5 Calculus (integral calculus, indefinite and definite)

Week 6 Calculus (integration by substitution, chain rule)

Week 7 Calculus (integration of complex trigonometric functions)

Week 8 Calculus (integration by trigonometric substitution)

Week 9 Calculus (integration and derivatives of inverse trigonometric function)

Week 10 Calculus (solids of revolution, both x and y axes)

Week 1 Calculus (introduction to differential equations)

Week 2 Calculus (direction field, recognising direction fields, solutions of differential equations)

Week 3 Calculus (solving differential equations)

Week 4 Calculus (solving differential equations in the context of growth and decay)

Week 5 Calculus – Summary and Review Test

Week 6 Statistics (Bernoulli trials)

Week 7 Statistics (normal distribution, variance and expected value)

Week 8 Statistics (binomial distribution, variance and expected value)

Week 9 Statistics (normal approximation of sample vs population data)

Week 10 Statistics – Summary and Review Test

Weeks 1 & 2
Module 1 – Mathematical Induction and Integral Calculus.

Weeks 3 & 4
Module 2 – Vectors and Trigonometric Functions.

Weeks 5 & 6
Module 3 – Differentials Equations.

Weeks 7 & 8
Module 4 – Statistics: Normal Distribution and Bernoulli and Binomial.

Weeks 9 & 10
Full course practice papers.

  • 10 weekly engaging lessons within the school term.
  • Comprehensive workbook based on new HSC syllabus.
  • Weekly quizzes.
  • Online tutorials.
  • End of term practice papers and HSC trial exams.

Path to University

The route to university can be complicated and challenging for both students and parents.

We aim to make the experience as positive and rewarding as possible. 

We give students the opportunity to investigate career paths, work experience and focus of study as well as exploring a full range of options at university; to build their confidence and broaden their perspective.

Our approach provides tailored support for students, through:

  • Focused academic and subject-specific support.
  • Skills development and career planning.
  • Mentorship and support.
  • Assistance finding work experience.
  • Exploring and developing new skills, such as coding, through extra-curricular activities.
  • Education on different career paths, based on individual interests.
  • Information on the range of courses available at Australian universities.
  • Information on the types of jobs available beyond university.

Please talk to us to find out more about the programmes we offer to high school students.


What’s included in our Year 12 Extension 1 Maths course:

  • Course designed by expert HSC Maths teachers.
  • Course taught by qualified tutors.
  • Online tutorials and quizzes.
  • Additional online resources including practice papers.

Course Cost

$40 per hour x 2 hours x 10 lessons.


Payment can be made weekly or as one lump sum.


  • How can I find an online Maths tutor near me?

    Accel iQ offers Maths tuition both online and on-campus tutoring, providing students and parents with flexible options. The advantage of Maths tuition online is that it is our high school Maths tutors are accessible to any student, no matter the location. 

  • Which HSC Maths course should I choose?

    The best Year 12 Maths course for you will depend on the requirements of future university courses. However, the three most popular courses are Maths Standard 2, Advanced Maths and Extension 1 Maths. When in doubt, choose a more difficult course with the option to drop down rather than choose an easier course and try to go up.

  • If I have additional questions after class, do I have to wait for the next class?

    No. Our high school Maths tutors offer free homework help. Students can either drop into the centre and get one-to-one support on the questions they’ve got, or they can send them in and organise Maths help online with video call help available for up to 15 minutes.

  • Can I change the Maths course later on?

    This depends on your school – each school will have its own rules regarding Year 12 Maths courses. Assuming a school allows movement then, yes, you can change courses.

    As a general rule, choose a slightly harder course and drop down – don’t choose an easy course and try to step up, it can be a bit overwhelming.

  • Do you provide additional study materials?

    Yes. In holiday times we have specialist revision courses for our maths tuition, with Maths help online or on-campus. This includes notes tailored for revision and/or specialist HSC presenters with a proven track record who will provide tips and tricks around HSC.

  • Which HSC maths course would be more beneficial for my future career?

    This will depend on the specific requirements of your chosen university course. As a general rule, most students should start by thinking about Advanced Maths and Extension 1 Maths. When in doubt, do at least Advanced Maths.

  • Is it better to enrol in on-campus classes than one-on-one classes for Maths?

    The answer to this depends on the student. For some students, maths tuition online is more accessible, and therefore a good option. For others, on-campus options are more convenient. Our tutoring for Math is designed for flexibility and accessibility for all students.

  • Do you provide mentoring even after completing the courses?

    Yes, beyond tutoring for Math, it’s our intention to help students to mediate life between school and higher studies. Our close partnerships in the corporate sector mean that we will be able to provide ongoing mentoring.

Ready to enrol?

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