Year 12 Courses

Get better prepared for the HSC with on-campus and online high school tutoring.

We provide supportive and results-focused high school tuition designed to improve confidence and reduce stress in the classroom.  

We know that Year 12 and the HSC is a challenging time for many students. Our exceptional teaching staff and tutors know how to explain things clearly to ensure students are better prepared in Year 12, and of course exam ready.

All of our Year 12 tutoring courses include live discussions, workbooks, practice exam papers and weekly short tests and quizzes.

Our online platform enables students to chat, engage in video discussions and collaborate on assignments with their classmates. This ensures students feel part of a vibrant learning community, wherever learning takes place. Parents can track their child’s progress to ensure they are kept up to date with progress.

All our courses follow the NESA syllabus requirements and run ahead of the NSW school curriculum.

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What we champion



We empower our students to contribute, challenge and make a difference through our experience-led teaching.



Our supportive tutors empower students so that they become more confident at school and in life.



We believe it’s through grit, really digging into the ‘why’, that helps students understand how to think and grow.

Meet our tutors

All of our tutors are carefully hand-picked for their teaching experience and ability to get results. Our tutors inspire with innovative teaching methods and their ability to explain concepts clearly. They also have empathy to better understand what drives behaviour and find strategies to help.

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