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Our flexible tuition helps students to conquer Chemistry concepts, apply their lessons to coursework and succeed in HSC exams.

At Accel iQ, we work alongside students to teach HSC Chemistry through observation, reflection, and reasoning. With a roster of tutors including former university professors, PhD candidates and STEM industry professionals, we provide a tailored extension of classroom learning backed by real experience. We work closely with parents and students, whether online or on-campus, preparing each student to thrive in their classes, HSC assessments and exams.

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We offer Maths tuition online, on-campus or both. We understand that students need flexibility, and our experienced high school maths tutors are engaging and effective, no matter where you choose to learn.

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We offer the personalised touch of one-on-one tutoring sessions as well as providing a vibrant community atmosphere with small group tuition.

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Students are always provided with the tools to test and improve their knowledge. Sessions include a short topic quiz, personalised student worksheets and access to past exams.

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Our tutors understand that each student has their own learning style. Our tutoring for Maths is tailored to student needs, whether it’s learning ahead of the curriculum or revising tricky concepts.

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Accel iQ tutors include university professors, PhD students and STEM industry professionals. When it comes to tutoring for Maths, our tutors are experts.

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Accel iQ tutors are proud to provide personalised HSC tuition. Our tutors are open to student and parent questions outside of tutoring sessions and will always try to make themselves available by email or phone.

How students get ahead with Accel iQ

Our Chemistry tuition courses help students develop an in-depth understanding of Chemistry fundamentals to be better prepared for exams and assessments.

Our exceptional teaching staff and tutors help students develop better problem-solving techniques and a thorough knowledge of each syllabus they study.

The Year 11 Chemistry and Year 12 Chemistry tuition course provides students with the Chemistry resources to investigate particular classes of chemicals, processes and a variety of chemical reactions which incorporate organic compounds and acid/base equilibrium reactions.

The Chemistry tuition courses challenge students to apply this knowledge to the investigation of a range of methods used in identifying and measuring quantities of chemicals, which leads to an understanding of the structure, properties and trends of and between classes of chemicals. This ensures all our students have the Chemistry resources to solve the most challenging questions in HSC Chemistry assessments and exams.

We offer Chemistry help with tuition both online and on-campus, affording students flexibility in their learning. Our Chemistry tutors are fully equipped for flexible learning, and provide the same level of engaging tuition for Chemistry online and on-campus. Our tutors provide engaging Chemistry help with a combination of live discussions, polls and quizzes.

Whether you choose tuition for Chemistry online or on-campus, we offer the same level of advanced preparation and Chemistry help for HSC study, provided by our experienced tutors.

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We empower our students to contribute, challenge and make a difference through our experience-led teaching.


Our supportive tutors empower students so that they become more confident at school and in life.


We believe it’s through grit, really digging into the ‘why’, that helps students understand how to think and grow.

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