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    A game-changing advantage

    • Our ambition is to not only ensure that students get the ATAR they need to enter their chosen university and degree, it’s to help students get ahead of what’s next.

      We support students to discover which kind of career path will suit them, help them to choose and be accepted into the right course and thrive in that course and beyond.

    • Syllabus programme

      Our courses follow NESA guidelines. This provides structured learning to develop sound study habits each week.

    • Ahead of the curriculum

      Our courses run ahead of the NSW school curriculum.

    • Digital resources

      We provide a full set of resources for each course as well as access to video recordings of key concepts, supplementary exam papers and texts.

    What we champion


    We empower our students to contribute, challenge and make a difference through our experience-led teaching.


    Our supportive tutors empower students so that they become more confident at school and in life.


    We believe it’s through grit, really digging into the ‘why’, that helps students understand how to think and grow.

    Meet our tutors

    All of our tutors are carefully hand-picked for their teaching experience and ability to get results. Our tutors inspire with innovative teaching methods and their ability to explain concepts clearly. They also have empathy to better understand what drives behaviour and find strategies to help.

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    • Our on-campus and online tutoring service provides Maths tuition, Physics tuition and Chemistry tuition to ensure confidence and exam readiness at school.

    • Get better prepared for the HSC with our on-campus and online tutoring service, covering HSC Maths tuition, Physics tuition and Chemistry tuition.

    The tutors were excellent and
    my daughter’s confidence
    improved as the term progressed.
    I’d highly recommend the
    team at Accel iQ.

    Chris – Father of Year 11 student